Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Skimming Suspect Arrested at Alpine Ave Speedway

The Kent County Sheriff's Department reported Friday that an Illinois man was arrested at the Alpine Township Speedway with gift cards in his posession whose magnetic stripes were encrypted with credit card information belonging to unsuspecting local residents.
Dontae Kaaba Collins was arraigned in Court on August 30.  Fifth Third Bank officials believe skimming devices had been placed in some of their ATM machines that allowed collection of credit or debit card information. 
The FBI offers the following tips to minimize victimization:
Inspect the ATM, gas pump, or credit card reader before using it. Be suspicious if you see anything loose, crooked, or damaged, or if you notice scratches or adhesive/tape residue.
  • When entering your PIN, block the keypad with your other hand to prevent possible hidden cameras from recording your number.
  • If possible, use an ATM at an inside location (less access for criminals to install skimmers).
  • Be careful of ATMs in tourist areas. They are a popular target of skimmers.
  • If your card isn’t returned after the transaction or after hitting “cancel,” immediately contact the financial institution that issued the card.

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