Friday, January 27, 2012

Possible suspicious activity in Westgate Neighborhood

Following is information picked up from friends on Facebook.  There have not been any official complaints reported with the Kent County Sheriff's Department so far this year in this community but that does not mean that somebody is not trying to be opportunistic and break ino unlocked cars and garages.  Keep garages, homes, and car doors locked and never leave valuables in your car even when locked. 

"We had some attempted break-ins last night around 2 am....keep your porch lights on and your doors locked up."

"Someone attempted to break into our garage on Tuesday at 2 in the morning but they were unsuccessful and got into 2 of our neighbors garages, we live on Stony cCreek, the car seen out front was silver/ grey, it was a car and it had a "fin/ spoiler" on the back!"

"My husband said the vehicle he saw was definitely silver/gray and was a small truck. Like a ranger with a step side. They stopped under the street light. Not good." (on Wallingford Dr)

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Alex Arends said...

I checked on reports of home invasions and thefts from homes in the Westgate area and there were none reported to the Kent County Sheriff's Department in January. The only report on file is that of two suspicious persons on Stony Creek early in the morning. The Sheriff's Department repsonded to that call and found the persons to be AT&T employees. There's no need to be less cautious, but there doesn't seem to be an immediate cause of concern either.