Friday, January 6, 2012

Daytime Home Invasions

It has been confirmed that there was a daytime home invasion on the 1600 block of  8 Mile Rd. NW in Alpine Township this Wednesday January 4, 2012.    Valuables as well as cash were taken from the home. Another attempt occurred in Plainfield Township while the homeowner was home.  These two incidents may be associated. The Kent County Sheriff's Department  is conducting an active investigation and has some good leads.  It is anticipated that these crimes will be solved. 
Following is a repeat of a Press Release issued by the Kent County Sheriff's Department last week:

Break-ins can occur at all times of day, in any season and in all neighborhoods. Please be aware of, and report, any suspicious persons or vehicles. When possible, write down license plate numbers. Protect your home by being discrete. Don’t advertise your items of value. Keep valuables out of plain sight of doors and windows. If you are throwing away boxes or bags that depict valuable items such as TVs, computers or
jewelry, make sure they fit in you trash or recycling can. Cut or shred as much information as possible.
Keep all exterior doors and windows locked. Make sure your home is well lit. Keep criminals guessing as to whether or not you are home. Utilize interior lights and if possible different lights through-out the home when you are not home.

Keep an eye on your neighbor’s house as well and report anything out of the ordinary.

To report any crimes or suspicious activity, call the Kent County Sheriff’s Department at 632-6100 or 911.

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