Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be Cautious of Door to Door Sales People

Last week the Kent County Sheriff's Department cautioned the community to be aware of unscrupulous sales people selling magazine subscriptions.  Sheriff’s deputies have reported that numerous residents in Grand Rapids and Ada Township are being contacted by traveling magazine sales persons, often young people who themselves end up being victimized by unscrupulous management.

Alpine Township residents should be cautious of any door to door crews.  A resident on Walker  Ave NW in Alpine Township was approached last night by a group of  three men alleging to be selling vacuum cleaners.  They rang the door bell and offered a spray can of Febreeze.  They then offered to sell a vacuum cleaner.  In conversation on of the men expressed an interest in the home owner's vehicles which were parked in the garage.  Situations like this may be legitimate but they can also be part of a theft operation that may strike when the home owner is away, or come back at a later time. The persons involved did not have a license from Alpine Township to solicit as is required.
If you suspect foul play or want to report an identical incident,  contact the Sheriff's department at 632-6100 or call 911 if you feel in immediate danger.

Can you spot the imposter?

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