Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Alpine Township Home Invasion

January 26th at 3:00 PM

On Tuesday 01-26-10, the Kent County Sheriff Department responded to a suspicious situation in the 2000 block of 7 Mile Rd NW. What started out as a Good Samaritan stopping to help two individuals who were stuck in the ditch, quickly turned into the two individuals being arrested for home invasion.

A passing motorist, who lives in Alpine township, stopped to check on two males who had gotten their vehicle stuck in the ditch. While helping them get their vehicle out of the ditch the Good Samaritan noticed that they were very anxious to leave. After they left he noticed a shovel on the ground and thought that it had been borrowed from the house they were in front of. Because he lived in the area and new the home owner he went to return the shovel and discovered the house had been broken into. He then called the Sheriff Department to report the crime.

Deputy Nathan Ertle (616)632-6224

As the Sheriff Department responded to the call the two suspects, identified as Christopher Fales a 30 year old male from Hudsonville and Zachary Wolf a 19 year old from Marne, noticed they left the shovel and returned to get it. They were back in the driveway of the residence they had broken into when the Sheriff Department arrived.

A two count felony warrant was issued for home invasion and conspiracy to commit home invasion for both Christopher Fales and Zachary Wolf.

Deputy Nathan Ertle (616)632-6224

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