Friday, February 27, 2009


The Kent County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce the implementation of a new online citizen reporting system called Coplogic. Using this web-based system, citizens will be able to file minor crime reports at home, at their convenience by going online to the website. These reports will be automatically integrated into the records management system of the Sheriff's Office. As a result of this reporting network, patrol resources will be more effectively managed. Sheriff Stelma believes that this type of citizen report system will have a tremendous benefit to the community, the department and the individual.

The Kent County Sheriff's Department will be the first in Michigan to employ this type of system. Other police agencies throughout the nation have been using Coplogic with measurable success. Some of the agencies, such as the San Francisco Police Department and the Anchorage Police Department are taking twenty five percent of their reports online without having to dispatch an officer.

The necessary information for crime analysis, state reporting and investigation is still collected just as effectively while simultaneously offering citizens enhanced options for report filing.

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