Thursday, November 20, 2008


I wanted to share a situation that happened to me last week. I was in the yard working when I was approached by a young man trying to sell home improvements. They started off by telling me a bit about my house and how they could help me make it nicer. After telling the gentlemen I was not interested multiple times I asked him if they had a permit to solicit in Alpine Township. He took me to the Manager who was driving a white van with about six other people in it. She advised me that they were not aware that you needed a permit to solicit in this area. I told her to go to the township offices and obtain that permit and then they could come back.After about a half hour I drove around Westgate and found them again in the area of Bekinshire they made eye contact with me and knew they were wrong. I contacted the township hall and asked if a permit was pulled and she told me no. The township officer was contacted to go and locate the people and ask them again to leave and possibly issue a citation. Deputy Roe found the team down on Stoney Creek and pulled them over. He further checked the occupants in the vehicle and found that two of them had felony warrants out for there arrests.So remember that you must have a permit to solicit in Alpine Township and be careful on who you let in your home. I always ask for picture id from the company that are working for and if you are having an estimate ask them for proof of liability insurance and if they are bonded. You don't want people working for you if they are not insured unless you know them well and trust them.This is what keeps our neighborhood safe. Keep your eyes and ears open.
Jeremy Kelly